Lutowiska - Jedyne tak unikalne miejsce w Bieszczadach. Odwiedź Chreptiów jadąc w góry!

Stanica Kresowa Chreptiow

About us


Welcome to Bieszczady – the unique part of Carpathian Mountains. This place is well known for amazing history and nature. In the center part of the region, you will discover the exeptional Bieszczady National Park. The Park is famous for the UNESCO listed nature and culture monuments,  such as a perfect for hiking - alpine meadows  called “poloniny” and primeval beech forest.

You will also be amazed by 17th centuries wooden churches, combining different cultures for centuries. In the middle of that country, you will find our Stanica Kresowa Chreptiow.


We are newly built object & restaurant based on the 17th century stronghold which originally protected eastern borders of Poland by the Dniestr river. In our place we have combined history with modern luxury. We are located only 15km away from the mentioned Bieszczady National Park. You can also try sailing or have a swim in nearby Solina Lake, just 30 minutes away from our object. Anyone who enjoy skiing will be delighted with neighboring town of Ustrzyki Dolne with three different ski lifts.


Chreptiow: offers you comfortable:

  • single rooms
  • double rooms
  • luxury suits


All of them with private bathrooms, cable TV, fridge, free wi-fi and room service.



Our Restaurant : might be excellent place to taste Polish and local cuisine. We became famous for our venison menu, especially roast deer, boar and goose breast. Except delightful meals we also offer you wide range of local and branded alcohols next to the exceptional wine card. We host private ceremonies and parties.


Do not hesitate to contact our reception desk office at: or please call us (+48) 13 492 77 12 .



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